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Pro Arch®

“The Arch-Ankle strenght shortcut”

lenght: 35 cm (13.78″), width: 17 cm (6.69″), height: 26 cm (10.24″)

Designed for Ballet Dancers, Gymnasts, RockClimbers, Swimmers, Martial Artists, Athletes, Divers, Sports Trainers, & Physical Therapist

Pro-Arch® Ankle Exercises Stretch and Strengthen

New Invention Stretches and Strengthens Arches and Ankles by 3 Tensions of Adjustable Spring Resistance
  • Stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons in arch and ankle.
  • Increase arch flexibility to bend painlessly, close to a 90° angle
  • Prevent ankle injuries: Sprains, strains, fractures and tendonitis.


“MasterStretch® and ProArch® are two remarkable devices… ProArch® enhances the joint capacity of your ankles, while at the same time improving both the force and extension of all the muscles and tendons involved.” Roberto Bolle, Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre, Etoile of the Teatro alla Scala of Milan

Have you ever watched a slow-motion,TV replay of an athlete getting injured by bending a joint too far? Ouch! Many ankle injuries are caused by forcing the joint to bend too far. However, athletes with the strongest and most flexible ankles are least likely to suffer injuries. Pro-Arch® is a device designed to increase arch and ankle flexibility and strength by spring resistance exercises. It stretches, lengthens, and strengthens foot tarsal and metatarsal joints, and ankle muscles and tendons. Plus it helps align ankles, knees, thighs, and hips by developing flexor-extensor joints and anterior-posterior muscles.
Optimal Function of the Ankle Under Stress

“The Pro-Arch opens new horizons in the therapy and the prevention of foot pathologies and dysfunctions derived from an incorrect usage during the gait cycle…The dynamic exercises performed with the Pro-Arch give the ligaments, the muscles, and the articulations the possibility of maintaining and reinstating an optimal function of the ankle as well as the stability of the plantar arch when under stress.”                                                                              Dott. Harald Buck, M.A., Director of “DAS ZENTRUM” Center for Sports Traumatology

The Athletes With the World’s Strongest Ankles:
Ballet Dancers in Pointe Shoes

What can a 350-pound, NFL lineman learn from a 120-pound, ballet dancer? Believe it or not, ballet dancers have some of the world’s strongest arches and ankles. That’s because dancing on their toes in pointe shoes requires incredibly flexible and strong ankles. Other athletes with strong arches include gymnasts, divers, and swimmers

“Easy and Safe Way to Improve Arch and Instep”

“Pro-Arch offers an easy and safe way to improve the arch and instep.”

Bruce Marks, Ballet Director, Choreographer

Improve Ankle Balance

With the World’s Only Dynamic Foot Stretcher

Pro-Arch is the world’s first and only dynamic foot stretcher. It stretches and strengthens foot arches and ankles. Plus it also increases balance (stability) to move at sharp angles horizontally and jump vertically.

Whether you’re an amateur or pro athlete, you can gradually increase your ankle flexibility and strength with 3 adjustable spring tension levels. Low, medium, or high. And from the very first workout, you’ll feel your foot and ankle muscles ache.

Invaluable Instrument for Athletes, Dancers, and Therapists

“Pro-Arch is a device designed for the performance of exercises which increase the flexibility and strength of the ankle as well as the tarsal and metatarsal joints; reinforcing the foot’s muscular structure, Pro-Arch becomes an instrument which improves the dynamics of the ankle and foot.

Likewise the anterior and posterior muscles of the thigh and flexor/extensor muscles of the ankle and toes are exerted. While straightening the leg it is possible with Pro-Arch to do movements which align the ankle, knee and hips.

Especially in dance, gymnastics, swimming and diving, where for functional and aesthetic reasons a particularly arched foot is most important, Pro-Arch is found to be an invaluable instrument for athletes, dancers and physical therapists. My experience with Pro-Arch has convinced me on its importance and I suggest it for both the amateur and the professional athlete.”                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Elio Musco, Gerontologist

Achieve Proper Shape for Beautiful Lines

“The Pro Arch is a highly innovative device that will be very much appreciated by the elite professional dancer as well as the average person trying to gain proper flexibility in the arch of there foot. Being a difficult area to make gains in range of motion, it is an exciting development to see something so unique and effective become available. From the point of view of rehabilitation it will become an essential tool to help mold scar tissue of the foot after injuring ligaments. As for the aspiring and professional dancer, this unit can help achieve and maintain the proper shape for beautiful lines.”                                                                                 Anthony McDougall, D.C., Chiropractor

So stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons in your arches and ankles, improve your balance, and prevent ankle injuries by ordering Pro-Arch® now.
Weight 2.5 kg. / 5.5 lbs.
Color: Red.
Sizes: Fits all sizes: Europe 33-45, USA 3-11.
Video for exercises included.
Pro Arch® is a single piece for both feet, one at a time.
€106.55 (VAT excluded)