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Machines, Equipments and Training System for Fitness - Dance - Yoga - Sport - Physioteraphy


“Style and functionality”

dimension lenght: cm 250 (98.42″), width: cm 100 (39.37″), height: cm 230 (90.55″)
Designed for Physical Therapists, Sports Trainers, Fitness Clubs, Dance Schools, and Pilates Studios
Get More Referrals Because You’ll Rehabilitate Injured Clients Faster & Fully Using the Most Comprehensive Physical Therapy Equipment With 307 Exercises: Pegasus® Machine and Instructor Seminar
  • Rehabilitate injured patients in only weeks instead of months.
  • Heal injuries more often up to 100% instead of only 90-95%.
  • Improve proprioception with sliding board, cables, platform & springs.
  • Strengthen muscles by bodyweight exercises on cables and springs.
  • Stretch and release tendons and muscles on sliding board
  • Increase mobility on sliding board while hanging from the top with belt or hands.
  • Improve stabilization and core strength by pedaling with resistance springs while lying on the physioball or sliding board.
  • Prevent injuries by realigning and rebalancing musculoskeletal system with
  • the bars, belts, platform, sliding board, and springs
“The Best Apparatus We Have Ever Experienced”

“Pegasus, unique in design, is quite honestly the best apparatus we have ever experienced for a variety of benefits from post rehabilitation to intense professional training. We have seen priceless benefits in increasing the functionality of the entire body with the Pegasus.” Viktor and Kelly Uygan, Owners of ArtForm Studio, Pilates and BodyCode Conditioning Center, Orange County, CA, US

Pegasus® may be the world’s most versatile, physical therapy equipment and instructor’s training seminar. And it’s designed to position your practice as the rehabilitation leader in your local market. With 10 adaptable accessories, Pegasus® assists elderly patients to professional athletes who need to improve mobility, stability, strength, flexibility, and proprioception (reflexes and coordination).

With Pegasus®, you will improve patient’s mobility progressively by stretching exercises that lengthen tendons, muscles, and neuro-muscular fascia chains (anatomy trains). Prevent spinal injuries by improving coordination and stabilization through strengthening the synergistic, anti-gravitational muscles. And correct slumping posture by muscular awareness through proprioceptive movement patterns.

Physical Therapists:
“The Complete Physical Therapy Clinic”The Only Physical Therapy Equipment You Need?

The reason we say Pegasus® may be the most versatile physical therapy equipment is because it has 307 exercises. In fact, some of our physical therapist clients use Pegasus® as the only physical therapy equipment in their clinics. And some therapists choose to combine Pegasus® with other machines. The point is that Pegasus® is so versatile that you can rehabilitate almost any patient with minor injuries to serious injuries including professional athletes, accident victims, seniors, etc.

Get More Referrals

When word gets around town that you’re rehabilitating patients faster and fully, you’ll get more referrals from doctors. With 307 versatile exercises from easy to advanced, you can help patients with crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs. They’ll feel gradually restored flexibility and strength as you target each joint, muscle, and tendon.

PNF Stretching Exercises
(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
  • Retrain ankles and knees on the string and springs.
  • Stretch and release by laying upside down on physioball.
  • Reduce spinal disk compression by anti-gravity exercises.
  • Strengthen gluteous and back muscles on physioball.
  • Restore mobility by hanging from shoulder springs’ support.
  • Strengthen the spine and pelvis to regain mobility.
  • Stretch and strengthen athletes’ inner thighs with 2 sliding boards.
  • Balance on the string and spring.
Treat Seriously Injured Patients With 3 Supports

With Pegasus®, you can help handicapped people and seniors with 3 secure supports: Springs and cables, sliding board, and pedals. The springs and cables hanging from the top will reduce patients’ gravity force. This will allow injured and post-surgery clients (even with periarthritis: frozen shoulder) to execute movements with less pressure and pain. The sliding board allows patients to sit or stand while holding the bars (front, sides, or top) so they can stretch and strengthen leg tendons and muscles with less tension and risk. The pedals on top of the machine exercise, stretch, and rotate the spine. And the pedals on the bottom of the machine exercise the legs and arms (swimming position) while sitting or lying down. All these exercises are available only on Pegasus®.

Fitness Clubs – Commercial Fitness Equipment:
Renew More Memberships With 307 Boredom-Free Exercises

In addition to physical therapy equipment, Pegasus® can also be used as commercial fitness equipment. Members will be more likely to keep coming regularly and renew their memberships because they’re always challenged by new exercises targeting new muscles.

Plus Pegasus® is a real eye-turner with it’s proportionately designed wood and metal bars. It’s a stunning piece of artwork that brightens up any club. Watch your members stare at it, and ask you how it works.

Dance Schools:
Ballet Exercises, Workout, and Conditioning

Pegasus® was invented by Pino Carbone, who has trained famous ballet dancers including Roberto Bolle. So Mr. Carbone understands dancers’ requirements for flexibility and strength. He designed Pegasus® for ballet conditioning exercises…

  • Move quicker, turn smoother, jump higher, and land firmer.
  • Increase range of motion, rotation, balance, and strength.
  • Improve balance, coordination, and placement on moving carriage.
  • Develop arabesque, camber, plies & en dehors by correct breathing.
  • Realign curved spines by dynamic postural re-education.
Pilates Studios:
Pegasus® Attracts Bored Pilates Students

Pegasus® attracts Pilates students who are bored with traditional Pilates equipment. They find Pegasus® more interesting with 307 exercises, and more challenging since they can feel new muscles. (You may want to offer experienced Pilates students one free session. Then watch the machine sell itself so they become customers for life.)

When Pilates’ students see Pegasus®, they want to try it immediately. They already know how to use the sliding board, platform, cables, springs, bars, and pedals, But they feel more challenged with Pegasus® because of the increased range of motion and new exercises. Their exercise boredom with Pilates instantly transforms into renewed interest with Pegasus®.

Yoga Studios:
Beginners Progress to Advanced in Months Instead of Years

Pegasus® helps yoga beginners progress faster to advanced poses. Yoga students can gradually increase the adjustable tension settings for each exercise. Pegasus® is the most effective and fastest way to stretch and strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

  • Achieve advanced poses by buidling advanced flexibility & strength.
  • Maintain advanced poses because of increased flexibility & strength.
  • Avoid yoga injuries by increasing flexibility and strength.
Sports Trainers:
Prevent and Rehabilitate Injuries,
And Increase Strength, Flexibility, and Proprioception

Pegasus® is an innovative machine designed primarily for prevention and therapy. As you know, the stronger and more flexible athletes are, the less likely they are to suffer unnecessary injuries. Your athletes will avoid more injuries by exercising muscles and tendons they’ve never felt before. And they will heal faster and more fully by gradually progressing from beginner to advanced tensions with 307 versatile exercises.

Because of the range of motions targeted by 307 exercises, athletes will feel muscles they’ve never felt before. And they’ll stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons beyond previous limits. But most of all, they’ll develop new proprioception. If athletes can master Pegasus’® numerous challenges to their reflexes and coordination, then they will translate that to the field or court.

Compare Pegasus®  to Geometrix®
Geometrix® Pegasus®
Purpose Mainly for flexibility, strength, & injury prevention. Also some rehab. Mainly for rehab & injury prevention. Also some flexibility, & strength.
Students Pos. 1: Seniors, housewives, dancers, & athletesPos. 2: Dancers & athletesPos. 3: Dancers & athletes Rehab, seniors, housewives, dancers, & athletes.
Structure More adjustments Fewer adjustments
Intensity More intense Less intense
Resistance Light, medium, or heavy Light
Exercises 103 307
Price €2950 €6500

Pegasus® Instructor’s Training Seminars

Pegasus® is the hardware, and the training course is the software. The seminars are designed to make you the #1 rehabilitation expert in your market. You will receive detailed instruction in 8 areas…

  1. History, principles, method, and benefits of the BodyCode® System.
  2. Human anatomy and biomechanics affected by Pegasus®.
  3. How to diagnose imbalances by posture analysis.
  4. How to customize training for each client’s needs.
  5. Teaching skills including demonstrations, positions, movements, mental imaging, rhythm, verbal, tone, tactile, and environment.
  6. How to synchronize breathing with the movements.
  7. How to manage a BodyCode® System business.
  8. How to perform equipment maintenance

Pegasus with full accessories= €6500

We don’t sell Pegasus online.
We sell the product only prior certification course

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